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Bhagalpur, located in the state of Bihar, experiences a subtropical climate characterized by hot summers, cool winters, and a monsoon season. Understanding the weather patterns in Bhagalpur is crucial for planning activities, events, and travel in the region.

Weather Patterns in Bhagalpur:


The summer season in Bhagalpur usually starts from March and lasts until June. During this time, the city experiences extremely hot and dry weather with temperatures soaring up to 40-45 degrees Celsius. It is advisable to avoid outdoor activities during the peak afternoon hours to prevent heat-related illnesses.


The southwest monsoon reaches Bhagalpur by late June and continues until September. Heavy rainfall characterizes this season, rejuvenating the land and providing relief from the scorching summer heat. The monsoon season is crucial for agriculture in the region.


Winters in Bhagalpur, spanning from November to February, are comparatively milder with temperatures ranging between 10-25 degrees Celsius. The weather during this time is pleasant and cool, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and tourism.

Key Weather Highlights:

  • Rainfall: Bhagalpur receives the majority of its annual rainfall during the monsoon season, which is vital for the region’s agriculture and water resources.

  • Temperature: The average annual temperature in Bhagalpur hovers around 26 degrees Celsius, with April being the hottest month and January the coldest.

  • Humidity: The region experiences moderate to high humidity levels throughout the year, peaking during the monsoon season.

Weather-related Activities in Bhagalpur:

Bhagalpur offers a range of activities that suit different weather conditions:


  • Visit the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary and enjoy a boat ride on the Ganges River.
  • Explore the Bhagalpur Silk City and learn about the renowned Bhagalpuri silk.


  • Take a trip to the Colganj Rock Cut Temples and admire the historical rock-cut architecture.
  • Enjoy a serene walk along the banks of the Ganges River during the monsoon showers.


  • Visit the Mandar Hill and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset views.
  • Explore the famous Bhagalpur Zoo and spend a leisurely day amidst nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. When is the best time to visit Bhagalpur?
    The best time to visit Bhagalpur is during the winter season, from November to February, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

  2. Is Bhagalpur prone to flooding during the monsoon season?
    Bhagalpur faces occasional flooding due to heavy rainfall and its proximity to the Ganges River. It is advisable to stay updated on weather alerts during the monsoon.

  3. What type of clothing should I pack for a trip to Bhagalpur?
    Light cotton clothing is recommended for summers, while carrying some warm layers is essential for the winter season.

  4. Are there any specific precautions to take during the summer season in Bhagalpur?
    Stay hydrated, avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours, and use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight.

  5. Can I enjoy outdoor activities during the monsoon season in Bhagalpur?
    While outdoor activities can be enjoyable during the monsoon, it is advisable to stay cautious near water bodies and avoid areas prone to landslides.

Understanding the weather patterns in Bhagalpur is essential for making the most of your visit to this historically rich and culturally vibrant city. Be prepared for the varying weather conditions and make the most of your time exploring all that Bhagalpur has to offer.

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